How to Buy Food in Bulk at Walmart

Have you ever been to Walmart to buy gluten-free food just to find it out of stock? This is short guide on how you can order bulk food at any Walmart in the US without any additional fees, free shipping, no minimum order and arrival notification.

Step 1

The first step is to simply decide what you want to order in a bulk purchase at Walmart. I eat a lot of Amy’s meals and sometimes they just don’t stock enough of them. People that eat gluten-free tend to hoard food. I know when I go buy groceries I clear the shelves of all the gluten-free brands I like to eat.

Step 2

Once you know what you are going to purchase go to your closest Walmart store.

Step 3

Once inside the store, you will want to travel to the information desk, usually at the front of the store.

Step 4

Now ask for an assistant manager, and say you want to make a bulk purchase. There are no fees involved, free ship to store, and no minimum order required.

Step 5

Tell the assistant manager what you would like to purchase, pay the price plus tax, get your receipt and leave the store satisfied. :)

Step 6

It usually takes from 2 days to a week to get your order in and then Walmart calls you letting you know it has arrived. Bring your receipt back to Walmart and show it to the person at the information desk. Depending on what you ordered, they might have you pick your items up at the loading dock.

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