Coffee Alternative: Avitae Caffeinated Water Review

Living with Ulcerative Colitis I have to be very careful about what I eat and drink. I have always been a huge caffeine drinker. When I first was diagnosed with UC, I tried going off coffee multiple times and just couldn’t keep it up. I work at the computer all day and was still tired, even though my new gluten-free diet did help tremendously. I was still searching for that perfect coffee alternative. I drink a lot, and I mean a lot of Icelandic Glacial Water and love it, but sometimes I still need that pick me up. Also a little caffeine has actually been shown to be good for you, in moderation.

Things I Tried

  • I have never been a fan of black coffee. I used to drink a grande raspberry mocha from Starbucks every single day (yes that is a lot of $ at Starbucks, I’ve done the math). So I tried switching to a soy mocha. The soy helped, but still my stomach didn’t settle well all the time. Also, I have become convinced that soy is not healthy for you.
  • Starbucks recently added coconut milk as an option. So I was excited to try that, but I had serious bloating issues with that.
  • The next thing I tried was actually going to Dunkin Donuts because they use almond milk. I drink almond milk now as a substitute for milk and so I was excited that Dunkin Donuts might be the solution. Unfortunately the brand of almond milk they use, Blue Diamond Almond Breeze, has carrageenan in it, which is known to cause inflammation. Still my stomach didn’t feel good afterwards.
  • I then tried other things such as Arizona Iced tea, soda, etc… Stomach also didn’t like iced tea and didn’t like the carbonation.

Best Coffee Alternative I Have Found

I just stumbled across this recently and had to share it with you! If you are like me and have a sensitive stomach but still looking for a pick me up, I suggest you try Avitae caffeinated water. I’m not saying it is super healthy for you, but it is way healthier than a soda or the crap Starbucks puts in its syrups. Also your dentist will love you. And I can’t believe I haven’t found this until now.

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Avitae water

Avitae Caffeinated Water

What is Avitae caffeinated water? Well it is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It is pure water with caffeine.

What’s In It?

  • 0 Calories
  • No sugar
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Purified water
  • Caffeine is from natural green beans
  • Citric acid

They have five different flavors, including unflavored, and different amounts of caffeine, 40mg, 90mg, and 125mg.

  • Pomegranate Acai – 90mg
  • Tangerine – 90mg
  • Blackberry – 90mg
  • Strawberry Guava – 90mg
  • Unflavored 40mg, 90mg, 125mg

I prefer the unflavored one myself. I am currently drinking the 125mg, although I am going to try and ween myself down to the 90mg. Now remember I was drinking a grande mocha before? Guess how much caffeine that has in it. 175mg! So for me this is almost the same as a cup of coffee.

Does Avitae Water Work?

Yes, for me the 125mg bottle of water gave me just as much of a pickup as my coffee used to. It is the best coffee alternative I have found to date. And it tastes just like normal water. No weird flavor. And the best part? No more stomach ache, no gurgling, no bloating, no gas! It makes me forget I have ulcerative colitis, which in my opinion is a big deal. For anyone who has dealt with chronic pain when you find a product like this it almost makes you want to cry. I was not paid by anyone to write this, but I want to personally thank Avitae water for creating this amazing product.

I will be drinking nothing but Icelandic Glacial Water + Avitae Water from now on. If you are looking for a good coffee alternative, I highly recommend trying this.

Where Can You Buy It?

You can buy it on Amazon or even from local supermarkets like Albertsons and Safeway. I got mine for $1 per bottle. Which is about 3x cheaper than my coffee was.

Buy Now on Amazon

Have you tried Avitae water yet? If so I would love to hear your thoughts below.

Coffee Alternative: Avitae Water
  • Taste
  • Price
  • Nutritional Value


Avitae Water is by far the best coffee alternative I have found to date! It is cheap, it goes down smooth, and works great for anyone with a sensitive stomach. I highly recommend it!

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