Udi’s Gluten-Free Brand

Udi’s Gluten-Free Brand

Udi’s Gluten-Free is a food manufacturing company that specializes in gluten-free products. Their mission is to show that people can maintain a gluten-free diet and still enjoy a healthy lifestyle. They create delicious products that fill the stomach and warm the soul so that you won’t have to waste another bite on plain, crumbly and tasteless food.

The company was started in 1994 by Udi Baron in Denver, Colorado. Back then, it was just a single restaurant known as Udi the Sandwich Man. Later on, in 2008, Baron teamed up with a local baker of gluten-free items and started making healthy products that did not contain gluten. Their primary market was 10% of the American population which were either gluten intolerant or suffering from celiac disease They were also aware that most gluten-free products available for sale at the time “tasted terrible”.

During those years, the gluten-free market was worth around $1.6 billion. Vendors initially refused to sell these products, largely seeing them as a fad. However, the industry has since expanded to record around $4.2 billion yearly in sales. In 2012, the sales for Udi’s products reached $60 million and the brand was also bought by Boulder Brands for $125 million. Only a few years after opening, Udi’s soon became the number one gluten-free brand in the United States.

Their Story

Immediately after Udi’s made their first gluten-free bread at their Colorado bakery in 2008, the celiac community of Denver tried this product for the first time and absolutely loved it. Most people couldn’t get enough of the delicious bread and often ended up ordering even more.

One year later, sales grew and Udi’s Gluten-Free expanded from a single bakery to providing gluten-free breads that were available at local stores such as King Soopers and Whole Foods. They also opened their first dedicated bakery and introduced wholegrain sandwich bread at the Natural Foods Expo West. During that same period, community members and fans from all over the country started spreading the word about Udi’s with massive distribution networks also being built during this time.

In 2010, E&A Industries acquired the company for a 60% stake with shares both in the Gluten-Free and Granola sectors. Major grocery stores in the country such as Kroger also began stocking their products. A year later, they introduced the first brand of gluten-free hamburger and hot dog buns.

The company also launched two new nutrition-packed breads at the request of fans all over the country. These products include Omega Flax & Fiber and Ancient Grain Millet Chia. In 2011, Udi’s was also named the largest online gluten-free community with approximately 500,000 likes on Facebook. Fans often share their experiences on this platform, with some admitting that they shed tears of joy after trying Udi’s Gluten-Free products for the first time.

Udi’s also expanded distribution, having products available all over the country at more than 16,000 locations and later increasing their market share by 1500% after becoming leaders in the manufacturing of gluten-free bread and the bakery category in general.

In 2012, the company introduced other new gluten-free items to its menu at various baseball stadiums across America such as AT&T Park for the San Francisco Giants, Yankees Stadium and the Coors Field for the Colorado Rockies. An investor known as Smart Balance also acquired Udi’s to create a much stronger brand for natural and gluten-free products.

Over the years, Udi’s Gluten-Free has managed to receive numerous accolades for its exceptional service and products. These include the 2012 Triumph Dining Award, Kiwi Magazine Best Allergy-Friendly Sweet Snacks, and Gluten Freeda – The Holy Grail Award among others.

Being the number one gluten-free bread and baked items company in America, the company’s portfolio includes bagels, buns, muffins, breads, cookies, pizza crusts and granola which are served in different sizes. Their products appeal to a wide customer base with various dietary needs. Apart from being gluten-free, Udi’s products are also free from any dairy, soy or nut extracts.

Currently, there are many items that can be enjoyed by customers in Udi’s Gluten-Free fast service establishments. Moreover, private stores are welcomed to distribute their products to customers all across America. These distributors can benefit in various ways such as:

  • The opportunity to gain incremental revenue by offering something extra to guests
  • A chance to showcase the world’s leading gluten-free products in their stores
  • An opportunity to develop a unique customer base that’s loyal, passionate and vocal

With an ever-increasing presence of Celiac Disease and gluten intolerance, more people are looking for healthy gluten-free products at their favorite restaurants. Adding Udi’s to your restaurant menu isn’t just good for business but also helps in boosting the overall health of customers. Some of the main products they have on offer include:

White Sandwich Bread

This bread is versatile and can be served either toasted or fresh out of the bag. It’s a light, fluffy white sandwich bread that’s made without any additional fillers for increasing size and volume. It’s perfect for restaurant operators looking for a product that can be used in various menu items.

10 Inch Pizza Crust

Udi’s unique pizza crusts can be stacked as high up as the customer wants. They may also be laced with various toppings for the best baked-to-perfection pizza treats.

IW Classic Hamburger Buns

Whether you’re a vegetarian or a meat-eater, this bun is still perfectly suited for you. These individually wrapped rolls can make a perfect substitute for your traditional buns. IWs are 4-inch soft, golden buns that will easily accompany your favorite menu ingredients, be it a standard burger or tasty deli sandwich. They are individually wrapped to suit various food service operations and are also significantly larger than the typical retail packs.

Udi’s Gluten-Free is open to questions and recommendations from customers through its interactive website. Guests can submit their messages to the Udi’s for immediate review and response from the company. You can also send inquiries for media kits, brand images, press briefings or interviews with company representatives. Guests can also send in questions through text messaging. Udi’s invites everybody to enjoy their delicious gluten-free recipes and their products are also very affordable. The company also participates in various charities that benefit the local communities where they operate. All members of the public are welcomed to contribute to these programs.


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