Cracker Barrel Gluten-Free Menu

Here is the complete Cracker Barrel Gluten-Free menu.

Cracker Barrel Gluten-Free Menu 2020

Cracker Barrel does a pretty good job at helping people with food allergies or trying to eat gluten-free. They don’t post their menu online, but they do have one available in most local Cracker Barrel locations. Ask for their “Nutritional Information Guide.”  Of course, there is no guarantee of cross contamination but at least they try to provide some options.


  • Good Morning Breakfast (Served with Turkey Bacon or Turkey Sausage Patties)
  • Fresh Fruit and Yogurt Parfait Breakfast (Ordered without granola topping)
  • Seasonal Fresh Fruit
  • Turkey Sausage Patties
  • Turkey Bacon
  • Fresh Eggs, any style
  • Scrambled Egg Beaters
  • Thick Sliced Bacon
  • Smoked Sausage Patties
  • Sugar Cured Ham
  • Country Ham
  • 100% Natural Blueberry or Sugar Free Syrups
  • Honey, Jams, Preserves, and Low Sugar Fruit Spreads


  • Grilled Chicken n Fresh Vegetable Salad (Order with Country Pepper Vinaigrette)
  • House, Country House or Grilled Chicken Salad (Order without croutons or saltine crackers and do not order Blue Cheese or Thousand Island Salad Dressing)
  • Mixed Green Side Salad

Lunch and Dinner Entrees

  • Lemon Pepper Grilled Rainbow Trout Country Dinner Plate
  • Lemon Pepper Grilled Rainbow Trout Country Fancy Fixin’s
  • Spice Rubbed Pork Chop Wholesome Fixin’s
  • Grilled Pork Chop Country Dinner Plate
  • Spicy Grilled Catfish Country Dinner Plate
  • Grilled Chicken Tenderloins Fancy Fixin’s
  • Grilled Chicken Tenderloins Country Dinner Plate
  • Grilled Sirloin Steak Fancy Fixin’s
  • Rib-eye Steak Fancy Fixin’s
  • Sugar Cured Ham Country Dinner Plate
  • Half Pound Hamburger (no bun) Country Dinner Plate


  • Whole Kernel Corn
  • Fresh Apple Slices
  • Fried Apples
  • Cole Slaw
  • Country Green Beans
  • Baked Sweet Potato
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Tomato, Cucumber Onion Salad
  • Sweet Whole Baby Carrots
  • Turnip Greens
  • Pinto Beans

Cracker Barrel History

Cracker Barrel is an American restaurant chain with more than 640 locations found across 43 states in America. This restaurant is the brainchild of Dan W. Evins who opened the first location on September 19, 1969 in Lebanon, Tennessee. By 1977, the company had expanded to include 13 locations from Tennessee all the way to Georgia. This rapid expansion was made possible thanks in part to Dan’s local friends and associates who helped with financial support and logistics.

The restaurant became publicly traded in 1992, receiving lots of support from loyal customers and investors who bought shares in large numbers. With massive praise and growing loyalty from guests, the company’s growth potential went onto a national stock exchange platform. Cracker Barrel grew consistently throughout the 80’s and 90’s, attaining an overall market value of $1 billion by 1992. A year later, their revenue was roughly twice that of other popular family restaurants in the country.

Between 1997 and 2000, the total number of Cracker Barrel restaurants had increased to well over 420. As a company tradition, employees usually join hands with each other to assist their fellow coworkers in times of trouble. What initially started as simple acts of generosity later evolved into a charity organization known as Cracker Barrel Cares. A worker funded non-profit association formed to help employees in their times of need.

In 2016, the company began delivering its authentic home-style products to supermarkets across the country. Currently, there are a variety of hams, bacon, baking mixes, deli meats and more which are available at grocery stores under the company’s secondary brand name of CB Old Country Store. They are all fresh and ready to be prepared at home.

Cracker Barrel has also ventured into the fast casual industry by opening Holler & Dash Biscuit House where they feature a chef-inspired menu that represents the values and traditions of the South.


If this Cracker Barrel gluten-free menu was helpful or if you find something inaccurate please let us know below.

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Cracker Barrel Gluten-Free Menu
  • Gluten-Free Options


Cracker Barrel doesn’t post their allergy menu online but they do provide a nutritional information guide in the restaurant.

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13 thoughts on “Cracker Barrel Gluten-Free Menu”

  1. The new gluten free menu consists of no full meals! Plenty of sides but if you want a meal? I was disappointed because we looked it up online before choosing to go there for my grandson’s diet restrictions just to find out that we should have gone to Chick-fil-A! He could eat more than corn & greenbeens.

  2. The gluten free menu at Cracker Barrel is incredibly confusing. They do not list everything– just sides. But if you ask and you look online, things like hamburger, steak, fish, and chicken are gf. The list above is MUCH more accurate. Glad I came here before eating!

    • Had you never gone their before? Part of their menu has always consisted of making your own meal. They also have no problems with substituting sides, etc….
      This is a great place to go for people who have Celiac.

  3. i just ate there with my son and grand kiddies, i ordered from the gluten free menu and when my chef salad arrived it had croutons in it…so much for gluten free. i just picked them off. please be more mindful of us that’s why we order off the gluten free menu….
    but it was good other than that.

  4. Just went there today, my only options were vegetables and a couple of salads. Ordered the chef salad with no croutons, it came with croutons. The server was very apologetic and brought me a new one but still. Very very disappointed.

    • Hey Beth! Ya, that sounds about right. I’ve been to Cracker Barrel a couple times and it was always disappointing. I really wish they would help cater to those needing to eat gluten-free.

    • Just ate there today. Recently diagnosed with celiac disease, I went to the website to see what I could order before going. Maybe they’ve changed in the past month or so but I can choose from several options. Hope you give them another chance!

  5. I don’t know why the person posted that they have all those other options on the menu. They don’t. I worked as a manager at Cracker Barrel and the best thing to do is speak to a manager. Ask what can be prepared gluten free and make sure the manager knows what you have ordered. The manager will follow the order and make sure it doesn’t get cross contaminated.

  6. I think they use soy sauce in the meat seasonings so that makes them not safe for gluten free. I am always disappointed just eating veggies.

  7. Gluten Free menu is very popular both at the restaurants and online. I have Celiac Disease and can order gluten free port chops, steak, grilled chicken, lemon pepper fish without the lemon pepper just put lemon on the side. Of course most all of the vegetables are gluten free thank you restaurant owners.

  8. WE WERE SO HOPEFULL THE NEW Cracher Barrel in Riverview would now realize there many people who now know they must eat Gluten Free. My Dear Aunt had Celiac Disease and it killed her. It is a deadly diseases if not eating Gluten Free foods.
    Travelers stop at Cracker Barrles , but are at the mercy of what they put infront of a diner. VERY UNCONCERNING!!

  9. Our Cracker Barrel was a weekly night out until they stopped the grilled pork chop which my daughter was able to eat with her Celiac. I agree that they would do so much more business if they actually had a gluten free menu. They are hurting their business not only in the resturant but also gift shop, who can go there and not buy something.

    I am really disappointed and I know our whole Celiac group (38+family) have stopped going there.


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