Domino’s Gluten-Free Menu 2024

Here is the complete Domino’s gluten-free menu. Domino’s may not be the first place you think of when trying to find a good gluten-free place to eat, but they do offer some options! They have a gluten-free crust that you can ask for when building your pizza. For now, it only comes in a small size, but it’s a start.

Be aware that Domino’s notes that even though they provide a gluten-free crust and have a lot of other gluten-free ingredients and sides, there will always be the possibility of some cross-contamination due to the environment in which all the food is prepared.

Domino’s Gluten-Free Menu 2024


  • Gluten-Free Crust (Small Size Only)

Pizza Sauces

  • BBQ Sauce
  • Garlic Parmesan White Sauce
  • Hearty Marinara Sauce
  • Robust Inspired Tomato Sauce


  • American Cheese
  • Anchovies
  • Bacon
  • Banana Peppers
  • Beef
  • Black Olives
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Chorizo
  • Feta Cheese
  • Garlic
  • Green Chile Peppers
  • Green Peppers
  • Green Olives
  • Grilled Chicken
  • Ham
  • Hot Sauce
  • Italian Sausage
  • Jalapeno Peppers
  • Mushrooms
  • Onions
  • Parmesan-Asiago Cheese
  • Pepperoni
  • Pepperoncini
  • Philly Steak
  • Pineapple
  • Provolone Cheese
  • Salami
  • Spinach
  • Sweet Mango Habanero
  • Tomatoes


  • Barbecue Chicken Wings
  • Chicken Apple Pecan Salad
  • Classic Garden Salad
  • Hot Chicken Wings
  • Plain Chicken Wings
  • Roasted Red Peppers
  • Sweet Mango Habanero Chicken Wings


  • Balsamic Dressing
  • BBQ Sauce (Brown)
  • BBQ Sauce (Red)
  • BBQ Sauce Dipping Cup
  • Blue Cheese Sauce
  • Blue Cheese Dipping Cup
  • Caesar Dressing
  • Corn Meal
  • Fat-Free Raspberry Dressing
  • Garlic Dipping Sauce
  • Garlic and Herb Shake-On
  • Garlic Oil Blend
  • Italian Dressing
  • Kicker Hot Dipping Cup
  • Marinara Dipping Sauce
  • Oregano Blend Shake-On
  • Phase Oil
  • Ranch Dressing
  • Ranch Dipping Cups
  • Sweet Icing Dipping Cups
  • Sweet Mango Habanero Sauce Dipping Cups
  • Wing Sauce (Mild, Hot, & Fire)

Domino’s History

Domino’s is an international pizza chain restaurant that was founded in 1960 by two brothers, James and Tom Monaghan from Michigan. However, about 8 months after the launch, James sold all of his shares to his brother, making Tom the sole proprietor of the business.

After being named DomiNick’s since the very beginning, they changed their name to Domino’s Pizza Inc. in 1965, and 2 years later opened their first franchise location. By 1978, the restaurant had grown rapidly to include 200 franchises spread across the entire United States.

The first United Kingdom Domino’s restaurant was launched in 1985, though the first public location only opened its doors 6 years later in 1991. Since then, the pizza giant has expanded its portfolio in Britain in the last two decades and now runs 620 locations across the country, with plans to introduce even more in the future.

Domino's Restaurant
Domino’s Restaurant (Img src: Wikimedia)

Having led Domino’s as its head and co-founder for close to 38 years, Tom Monaghan finally handed over the reins of ownership to another firm, Bain Capital, selling 93% of his shares to the company in 1998 at a price of $1 billion. Currently, the management is led by Patrick J. Doyle who was named CEO of the company in March 2010.

It’s the 2nd largest pizza delivery company in the United States and also has a reputable global presence, boasting more than 9,000 corporate and individual franchise locations spread across 80 countries and employing an estimated 145,000 workers. Approximately 50% of all sales in the United States come from their digital ordering channels. In fact, Domino’s is currently ranked as one of the top 5 companies that make use of online transactions. Some other companies in this category are Apple and Amazon.

In a single day, Domino’s delivers around 1 million pizzas globally. Pepperoni is their most popular topping in the United States, closely followed by mushrooms, ham, sausage and green peppers. The fastest pizza maker in the company is known as Pali Grewal, who can produce 3 large pizzas in only 32.28 seconds.


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Not happy with the Domino’s menu? Let them know we want healthier gluten-free options.

Domino's Gluten-Free Menu
  • Gluten-Free Options


Domino’s has made an effort to offer a gluten-free crust and a lot of different ingredients to choose from when making a pizza choice. They also have some sides and sauces to choose from as well. We only wish they offered their gluten-free crust in a size other than small.

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  1. I live in Parksville , British Columbia. My favorite dip is Cheddar Habanero,made by Ventura goods. I have celiac disease and if I ingest gluten it damages my intestines ( not one of those ‘fad’ people some of us in this whole gluten ride really can’t have it and it only takes a little to do damage) .. So my question is about that particular dip. I looked up Ventura foods and can’t seem to find ingredients. Messaged them as well bit haven’t heard back. To close have to say your gluten free crust is the best have tried! Your toppings real and fresh. Thanks and hopefully there is some insight for me as far as the dipping sauces ( the one they switched to isn’t on the website ). Thanks!!

  2. The gluten free crust pizza is still NOT recommended for people with celiac disease since there is a high risk of cross contamination. It even says that on its website.

    • Yes, that is why we have a warning about cross-contamination in the post. There are a lot better alternatives for gluten-free pizza than Domino’s.

    • It’s one of the safer options. They don’t make crusts in the store, and they use corn meal to keep them from sticking to the oven instead of flour.


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