Top 8 Gluten-Free Apps

Nowadays, there are many fantastic gluten-free apps that can be used by those who are sensitive to gluten. When used correctly, they can save you both time and frustration while in the supermarket or various restaurants. Your smartphone can be an amazing tool for finding the nearest gluten-free products and restaurants available. Whether you’re grocery shopping or simply unsure if an item or ingredient contains gluten, these apps will help provide the necessary information.

Top 8 Gluten-Free Apps

Check out these 8 gluten-free apps to help you eat easier on the go!

1. Find Me Gluten Free

This app is absolutely free to use and available on both iPhone and Android devices. It’s particularly helpful for business travelers and tourists. The software allows users to locate nearby restaurants that offer gluten-free food. You can also read reviews from previous customers, get directions and give them a call to make a dining reservation.

Apart from helping you find gluten-free restaurants within the vicinity, it also allows individuals to share their experiences with others within the gluten-free community so that they too can make wise and informed decisions. The Find Me Gluten Free app also aims to raise awareness about Celiac Disease and gluten-intolerance in general. In fact, they usually donate a part of their proceeds to various gluten-free associations around the world.

2. Fooducate

This app can be downloaded for just $4.99 from both the Android and Apple app stores. Fooducate allows users to use their smartphones as scanning devices for checking product barcodes. Consumers can get instant information on whether their product contains gluten and other allergens such as lactose, soy, fish, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, milk, and eggs. Moreover, it comes equipped with a “One Click” option that can be used to contact the manufacturer directly for extra information about a particular product.

3. AllergyEats Mobile

The AllergyEats Mobile app is a great resource offering users valuable peer-based tips on how well nearby restaurants can accommodate the needs of gluten-sensitive diners. In addition to gluten, you can also customize your search to include other common allergens such as wheat, dairy, corn, peanuts, fish and others.

AllergyEats is free to use and available for both Android and iPhone users. It has a large database of restaurants catering specifically to those with celiac disease, food allergies, and gluten sensitivity. Users can locate eateries based on their specific level of allergy-friendliness. Once customers determine their choice of restaurant, they can personally call the location for directions. Diners can also rate restaurants based on their gluten-free options so that others can benefit as well.

4. iEatOut

Also known as the ethnic restaurant focused gluten-free app, iEatOut allows users to explore 7 different traditional cuisines including Chinese, Indian, Italian, French, Mexican, Thai, seafood and steak. You can also browse through menu choices, sauces, ingredients, food preparation tips and cross-contamination choices to avoid certain food allergens. iEatOut is part of the popular Let’s Eat Out! course and was designed for those who dine anywhere, regardless of the restaurant’s location or cultural background. This iPhone app can also be modified based on a combination of certain food allergens including gluten.

5. Cook It Allergy Free App

This application is widely used by busy moms and home cooks. It costs $4.99 and is only compatible with the iPhone. The app allows users to access 100s of gluten-free recipes which can be personalized to meet your gluten-free needs. With this app, you can swap out ingredients that contain allergens for much safer substitutes.

Cook It Allergy Free has been ranked by Bon Appetit amongst the 8 Best Healthy Food Apps available today. In addition to the numerous recipes already in the app, lots more are being added regularly. With a simple touch of a button, you can find substitutions for various gluten-based ingredients including other allergens such as cheeses, sour cream, buttermilk, soy and corn syrup. Additionally, you can customize your recipes and share them with friends or family through Email, Twitter, and Facebook.

Furthermore, the app allows users to save recipes on a special Grocery List containing all the ingredients they need, including gluten substitutions. Custom-made recipes can also be saved in a folder known as the Recipe Box.

6. The Gluten Free Scanner

This app uses your smartphone camera as a scanner for product barcodes letting you know whether they contain gluten or not. This is made possible thanks in part to its large database of food products and drinks that are sold in the United States. There are more than 500,000 products in their inventory, plus they also work with certified dietitians, researchers, and nutritionists who are always working to ensure that the database is accurate.

Every scanning process shall be evaluated on 3 levels to offer more data and greater protection. These are whether the product is gluten-free, can contain traces of gluten or does indeed contain the substance. This in-depth analysis allows you to make more informed decisions on whether or not to buy certain products.

The full-featured version of the app includes additional perks such as the ability to search by brand, product name or category. It also allows access to more than 45,000 gluten-free products, special dining and travel cards for eating safely in locations both domestic and abroad and a searchable list of gluten-free and unsafe ingredients.

7. Suggestic

Suggestic is free to use and available on the Apple Store. Many consider it a complete gluten-free app noting that it lists almost everything you may require as a celiac patient. On their website, they say that the app recommends safe and tasty restaurant menus for both individuals and groups. They use advanced algorithms to help understand both your preferences and tastes.

The app borrows from your shopping and dining habits to recommend the best gluten-free options available. As a user, you have the option to add important information about yourself. Depending on the details, it suggests where gluten-free food can be found and where you often eat.

8. Dine Gluten Free

The Dine Gluten Free app is linked to a huge database of restaurants that offer gluten-free food, both in the United States and worldwide. It also allows users to access reviews left by others. They can share their individual feedback as well as access the app’s blog for more updates and news regarding gluten-free dining. Additionally, users get options like showing the particular restaurants which offer coupons and price discounts.


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