Is Butter Gluten-Free?

If you are following a gluten-free diet, it is very important for you to select your foods carefully. Some of the foods that you eat every day may contain gluten. The gluten may not be in the main ingredient but the gluten may be found in additional ingredients such as seasonings.

This is very important because sometimes certain foods that people think are healthy and gluten-free might contain some seasonings or ingredients that contain gluten. If you fall into the trap of not choosing your foods properly, then your gluten-free diet will fail.

Now let’s dive into the topic of Butter.

Is Butter Gluten-Free?

Butter is one ingredient that is commonly used when preparing all kinds of different foods. There are probably hundreds of meals and foods that contain butter as one of the ingredients. If you are on a gluten-free diet, you have to take a look at the butter that you use in your foods. Is it really gluten-free? Can you safely use butter as an ingredient in your foods? Or should you abandon this ingredient and choose some other foods that don’t use butter?

Let’s answer the question, “is butter gluten-free?” The answer is yes, butter is gluten-free. Most butter that you’ll find at the grocery store will be gluten-free, unless it contains gluten add-ins, which is very rare.

So for the most part, you can always use butter as an ingredient without worrying about whether it will have gluten or not, but always check the labels to be safe!

Butter is Gluten-Free!

Along the same line of gluten-free ingredients aside from butter, margarine, cream, buttermilk, and fresh milk are also gluten-free. You can freely use these ingredients, along with butter, when you prepare your foods. However, please be advised that when you choose butter, you need to choose the one that doesn’t contain any gluten add-ins.

Thus, the best way to pick the right type of butter is to choose plain butter. Plain butter is always gluten-free which is always healthy for your diet. Whenever you find plain butter, it will always be gluten-free, so you don’t need to worry about it containing any add-ins. This is because plain butter doesn’t use any add-ins at all, especially gluten add-ins. It is a healthy ingredient to have in your diet.

Some popular brands usually offer plain butter, and you can find these brands at the grocery store. Some gluten-free butter brands include Smart Balance, Organic Valley, Land of Lakes, and Earth Balance. So if you are in doubt about how to choose the right brand of butter to use, you can choose the butter offered by these brands.

If you cannot find these brands at your local grocery store, you need to always check the label. If the label says that it is plain butter, it is safe to use as an ingredient and will be gluten-free. But if the label lists some add-ins, be aware that these add-ins may contain gluten which is bad for your gluten-free diet.


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