Is Rum Gluten-Free?

Is Rum Gluten-Free?

In its pure form, rum is 100% gluten-free. The product is among the few alcoholic drinks made from compounds that don’t contain gluten. Therefore, it’s considered safe to consume by those who have high sensitivity to gluten. Rum is a form of distilled alcohol made from fermented sugarcane juice and other similar extracts. The beverage is a favorite in many countries around the world. It causes no adverse side effects for those who suffer from gluten intolerance. So is rum gluten-free? Yes.

Rum is Gluten-Free!

After fermentation and distillation is done during the production stage, the resulting pure distillate is matured in wooden barrels made from woods such as oak or maple. Though the beverage is free from gluten, there are some flavored rums and other premixed drinks that may contain gluten. Before buying any rum product, ask the manufacturer for more information about the ingredients they use. This is the only way you can be sure it doesn’t contain the substance.

Furthermore, always be cautious of flavored drinks since most of them are infused with starch compounds that may contain gluten. While gluten is common in other alcoholic drinks that contain wheat, rye or barley such as beer, it’s not found in rum since the main ingredient used to make this brew is sugar cane. Similarly, for those who avoid gluten but don’t have any gluten sensitivity issues, drinking alcohol that has the protein inside may be safe, though studies still show that drinking alcoholic beverages frequently can cause drastic weight gain.

There’s a wide variety of safe rum beverages that are available today. You just need to be careful and well informed to make the correct choice when buying. Likewise, if you prefer homemade drinks, there’s the opportunity of making your own gluten-free rum in the kitchen. There are many exciting recipes and guides on how to make rum that can be found online.

For those who have Celiac Disease or high sensitivity to gluten, consuming rum beverages with traces of the protein introduced for coloring or enhancing richness can be detrimental. This can cause various side effects like bloating, headaches, abdominal pain, intestinal damage, liver problems and even terminal fatigue syndrome. However, maintaining a gluten-free diet doesn’t necessarily mean that you must stay away from all alcoholic drinks. There are ways you can stay gluten-free while still drinking alcohol.

In general, since rum is made from sugar cane which doesn’t contain any grain protein molecules, it’s considered safe to consume. But watch out for flavored or spiced rums, which more often than not contain the substance in an added ingredient.

All in all, each individual’s reaction to alcohol and gluten in particular is unique. Some may experience adverse reactions after being exposed to minimal amounts of gluten, whereas others may not react at all. The above tips can be helpful when choosing the best brand of rum at the store. Moreover, even after making a purchase, always be careful to gauge how you feel while consuming the drink, and afterwards. Take note if there are any adverse side effects which require your attention. If you’re lucky enough to find a product that you enjoy and that your body can tolerate, then feel free to enjoy! And of course remember to drink responsibly.


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