Evamor Water Review – Alkaline With pH 8.8+

Evamor, a naturally alkaline artesian water, focuses their company around the phrase “Know. Better. Water.” They explain their mission stating that the more you know about water the better choices you can start making.  “Take a sip in the right direction, make a change in the water you drink, and harness the power of alkalinity and minerals to balance your diet and your life.  At evamor, we believe a better you starts with a better water.” (1)

Evamor water is sourced from an artesian aquifer in Covington, Louisiana.  The aquifer is protected by layers of impenetrable shale almost a quarter of a mile below the surface.  The water begins as rain or snow in the Appalachian Mountains which then flows underground and collects in the aquifer.  The water found in evamor’s aquifer is naturally alkaline with a pH level of 8.8 to 9.1.  Frequently, water with a pH level this high has been through ionization, reverse osmosis, or had mineral additions to the water to boost its alkalinity.  It is a rare and certainly a health benefit to enjoy water with such a naturally high alkalinity.  If you haven’t yet explored the benefits of drinking alkaline water, you may want to read our article to learn more.  Should you wish to test evamor’s claims about their water, be sure you are using a calibrated pH meter.  Litmus paper test strips are designed to test fluids that have a higher total dissolved solids level, like milk or juice, than you would find in filtered water.

While the company boasts that nothing is added or removed from evamor water, that is not entirely true.  The water travels from the underground aquifer and then goes through a three-stage process before it is sealed in to the bottle.  First, the water is filtered 6 times to remove sediment that may be naturally found in the water right after it is drawn up from the underground aquifer.  After the vigorous filtering process, the water is filtered through a UV light.  UV light waves, also referred to as Germicidal Spectrum or Frequency, effectively destroy 99.9% of harmful microorganisms that might be found in water (2).  Finally, the water is ozonated, meaning the water is blasted with pure oxygen, right before the cap is sealed on the bottle.  Some people believe that ozonated water offers additional health benefits by increasing oxygenation and detoxification in the body (3).

One concern raised by some customers of evamor is the appearance of dark specks in the larger water bottles.  On their website, evamor addresses this concern by stating that the dark specks are not harmful in any way and are only a cosmetic issue.  The dark specks are a side effect of the ozonating process the water undergoes shortly before the bottle is sealed.  When the water gets cold, ozonation can cause the minerals in the water to “flock,” or turn solid.  According to their website, evamor has since changed their process slightly to eliminate the chances of the water flocking and developing the dark specks (1).

In reviewing various bottled water brands, evamor was the first bottled water to discuss tritium.  Tritium, a man-made radioactive isotope, can frequently be found in surface water.  The Canadian Nuclear Safety commission makes a point to state that tritium is found in water near nuclear facilities is found in such small quantities that it does not pose a health risk; however, some people would prefer to avoid radioactive isotopes whenever possible (4).  Evamor indicates that since the water from their aquifer tests free of tritium, the aquifer is free from any surface water pollutants.

Evamor water is tested daily, weekly, and monthly to ensure water quality standards are met for each bottle being packaged.  The evamor bottling facility is monitored by state and federal authorities.  Twice each year, evamor publishes their water quality report and makes it available to their customers by posting it on their website.

Unlike some of the other bottled water brands, it appears that evamor strives to market to and engage with the average individual instead of boasting celebrity partnerships.  The company has an active presence on various social media sites and promotes using the hashtags #KnowBetterMoment and #KnowBetterFan.  On their website, they share some of the pictures and stories of their customers who have posted using the company’s hashtags.  Evamor has a “KnowBetterBrigade,” made up of individuals who share their personal stories about how the water has positive impacted their lives.

If you are interested in trying evamor for yourself and discovering your #KnowBetterMoment, the company partners with several retail stores including: Albertsons, The Fresh Market, Brookshire’s, Cracker Barrel, Giant, Kroger, Publix, Walmart, Winn Dixie, and Whole Food Markets.  For a complete list of the retailers that sell evamor water you can visit their website or use their store locator.

Evamor water certainly offers many benefits, but it may be important to note that there is little to no reference to what they are doing to ensure they do not deplete their water source.  Most of evamor’s competitors also make some reference to reducing their carbon footprint but there was nothing along those lines on the evamor website.  It leaves some question as to what the company is doing to be environmentally responsible.

For those searching for the best bottled water on the market, evamor is a strong contender with many benefits to offer.  First, some may consider this a pro and others may consider it a con, but evamor is an entirely United States of America based company.  The water is bottled at the source of an artesian aquifer in Covington, Louisiana.  Second, the water is a naturally alkaline water with an exceptionally high pH level of 8.8 to 9.1.  For those looking for an alkaline bottled water, evamor certainly meets and exceeds the pH levels of a lot of their competitors. Finally, the water undergoes a filtration and ozonation regimen right before it is bottled.  This ozonation process may offer additional oxygenation and detoxification benefits that other bottled waters do not offer.


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