Little Caesars Gluten-Free Menu 2024

Here is the complete Little Caesars gluten-free menu. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get any pizza, and there isn’t much else either. Little Caesars, doesn’t claim that any of their food is gluten-free, but they do provide a list of the allergens present in their specific food items.

We’ve listed the items below that do not contain wheat, but they still may come in contact with gluten, as most of the food made by Little Caesars does contain wheat. If you’re looking to avoid gluten but aren’t allergic, you could get some hot wings and dipping sauce.

Little Caesars Gluten-Free Menu 2024


We’ve heard that some Little Caesars locations are now offering a gluten-free crust option. This is entirely up to the franchise owner. However, we don’t recommend eating here if you’re trying to eat gluten-free. The reason is that unless they have a gluten-free option across all their chains, the cross-contamination will most likely be very bad. This is because they won’t have strict precautions and rules in place.

HOT‐N‐READY® Caesar Wings®

  • Oven Roasted
  • Buffalo Mild
  • Buffalo Hot
  • BBQ
  • Spicy BBQ
  • Garlic Parmesan
  • Lemon Pepper

Warning: I personally got sick when I tried their wings. Like all fast food places, you need to be very careful. Many don’t take any precautions for cross-contamination.

Caesar Dips®

  • Cheesy Jalapeño
  • Ranch
  • Buffalo Ranch

Note: the Buttery Garlic, unlike some places might say, is not gluten-free, it contains barley.

Little Caesars History

Little Caesars is a global pizza chain that was founded by Mike Ilitch and Marian Bayoff. The two first met on a blind date that was arranged by Mike’s dad and within a few months time they were already married. The restaurant chain has approximately 90,000 employees, including a sales net worth of $1.78 billion. In 1959, they invested their life savings into the first pizza joint in Garden City, Michigan, a small neighborhood in Detroit. Marian recorded the first company sales on a spiral notepad.

By 1962, Little Caesars had already opened their first franchise in Warren, Michigan. This decision to expand their portfolio through franchising paved the way for the restaurant to become the biggest carryout only pizza chain in the United States and internationally. Seven years later, they opened their 50th restaurant and also launched their first international store in Canada.

Today, the company has locations in all American states and 18 global markets as well. This rapid growth can be attributed to Mike and Marian’s motto of considering all employees as part of the Little Caesars family. In fact, Marian once said she considers Little Caesars her 8th child.

In the early 90s, their sales surpassed the industry’s average rate by 24%, making them one of the decade’s most successful fast food companies. However, 1995 was a particularly successful year for them following the introduction of their stuffed crust pizza where their revenues peaked at over $1.1 billion.

They also received a Volunteer Action Award from President George H.W. Bush, this thanks to their project called The Little Caesars Love Kitchen. A few years later, they got a similar award from President Bill Clinton.

In 2014, Little Caesars announced plans to build a new headquarters dubbed the Global Resource Center which would double the size of their existing office space. As the company continues expanding globally, competition has also increased but so has access to millions of customers and admirers all around the world.


If this Little Caesars gluten-free menu was helpful or if you find something inaccurate please let us know below.

Not happy with the Dairy Queen menu? Let them know we want healthier gluten-free options. Contact Little Caesars

Little Caesars Gluten-Free Menu
  • Gluten-Free Options


Little Caesars really hasn’t made an effort to provide any food that is gluten-free. Technically, some of their hot wings don’t contain wheat and might be safe to eat for some, but we wouldn’t recommend eating here.

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15 thoughts on “Little Caesars Gluten-Free Menu 2024”

  1. Being gluten free is not a fad for me. Celiac disease is not an option . please help one safe choice is greatly appreciated!!!

    • Same, eating gluten-free isn’t a choice, it is a way to keep me alive :) I wish places like Little Ceasars offered more gluten-free options.

      • I agree!!! My family would pick up 6 hot and ready. That is until 3 of us had to Gluten-Free for health reasons. We love your pizza!! We ended up going to Hungry Howies for pizza. I would love to order from you. You have a much better pizza and price.

      • Well that is too bad they don’t offer GF options. They should realize when the rest of the group wants pizza, they will go where there is a gf options for us. They probably are losing a lot of money because of this, there are a lot of gf people these days.

    • Hey Lynne,
      Yes, I really wish they had a gluten-free crust option. But for the price of their pizzas, I doubt they ever will. I enjoyed Little Caesar’s growing up. But I haven’t eaten there for years due to my strict gluten-free diet.

    • Hey Carlton,
      I completely agree! Things are headed in the right direction. But it’s never fast enough for those of us who can only eat gluten-free. Haven’t been to a Little Caesars in years.

    • Hey Gina,
      I don’t see this anywhere on their website. Do you have a link? It could be your local franchise has a gluten-free option. But I don’t see this anywhere on their global rollout. Happy to update it if they do.

  2. I have Celiac’s. I am 68 years old and have no Education based nutritional certification. I have lived with parents who understood that my digestive system was compromised to wheat, barley and rye flours. So, my knowledge of this digestive issue is expansive.

    One thing that would really benefit everyone living with “digestive health” and educating others about those issues would be to discontinue to call the reaction to gluten as “being sick”.

    Those who live with Celiac, Ulcerative Colitis, IBS or any of the other 180 issues related Gluten Intolerance of any degree are having a “Reaction” to an allergen that causes extreme symptoms of pain, migraines, inflammation of the complete body including skin.
    Please, don’t call us sick anymore because then the other populist consider those effected with Gluten Issues as untouchables, that we are “spreaders”. We simply, you included, cannot come in contact with the gluten molecule.

    I’m hopeful that you will read this and accept my advice as just that, advice. You do have a large outreaching to many that need to be understood and accepted as people who want a better life.
    Thank you very much for letting me share. Btw, because of your article I’ve decided not to eat pizza at this restaurant. Thanks, 🥰


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